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Coffee Roasters For Home Roasting

Our First Roaster

In the early years, the Fresh Roast SR800 was our very first roaster founder Tony Martini experimented with. Consistent, easy to store, and reliable. Just remember, always roast in a well ventilated area! 

Handheld - Budget Friendly

One of the top rated handheld roasters Great for first timers trying to dip their toes into the coffee roasting world or for the experienced roaster looking to make a small batch!

Budget Friendly Electric Roaster

This electric roaster is a bit easier on the budget and offers a timer option to set up your beans and let them roast! It can roast up to 500g at a time (about 1.1lb) which is a much larger capacity than a handheld roaster. Easy to bake the beans and provides a see through lid to watch keep an eye on the roast profile. 

Upgraded Pick - Full Package Roaster

This roaster is the complete package with all of the tools you will need for a proper roast. You will need a gas burner to use it, but definitely well worth the price for some serious roasting! 

Classic Look - Hand Cranked

This elegant roaster gives you that classic look for a kitchen with style! The hand crank allows the heat to flow through the beans evenly for a consistent roast. The capacity is about mid range for a decent size batch. 

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