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To test out my new coffee roaster, I ordered a variety of green coffee bean from Martini and other companies. I found that liked the Uganda beans best, because of their smooth but complex and slightly smoky flavor. I personally found the Martini brand more flavorful than other brands I tried. It's a bit more expensive than some, but for me, it's worth it. Perhaps being single origin makes a difference. I roast it medium dark.


I had never roasted before, but being a coffee lover was excited to try it for myself. These beans were a gift along with a roaster for Christmas. My wife and I are very particular about how we like our coffee, and to our surprise and utter delight absolutely loved the smell flavor and taste of these roasted beans. I do need to refine my roasting skills, but we couldn't be happier. 


Great Flavor. I liked trying the 4 different types of coffee. All were very good!


Great way to sample different coffees! Also, fresh roasting is the absolute way to go with coffee. Thre flavors are incredibly different, and better, than you can get in pre-roasted. I do recommend getting a home roasting device if you're going to do this often. I've been using the cast iron to roast for a long time. I never realized how much time I was spending on that until the roaster came in. I'm never going back to pre-roasted beans.


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