Our story

   It all started years ago, in a warm Italian kitchen in central Illinois. Steam from Noni’s percolator meant that the coffee was just about brewed, as our family made their way out to the screened-in porch to prepare for breakfast. It was at these family gatherings where Gino and Kathryn Martini introduced their eldest son Tony, to a bold, black cup of freshly brewed coffee.

   Brewing coffee has been a family ritual for decades and we are glad to evolve this tradition into a roasting company focused on quality, sustainability, and the customer experience.


   So from the rolling hills of Perugia, Italy to the urban jungles of Chicago, Illinois, Martini Coffee comes to you as the result of a long lineage of coffee drinkers. We hope you enjoy!

"At Martini Coffee Roasters, our dream is to give a fresh and unique coffee experience to each and every one of our customers "

-Founder and CEO

Tony Martini


create your own

coffee experience