Unroasted  Premium Sampler -Green Coffee Beans- 4LBS - 100% raw arabica coffee
  • Unroasted Premium Sampler -Green Coffee Beans- 4LBS - 100% raw arabica coffee


    Includes One Unroasted Green Coffee Beans - Premium Sampler - 4LBS - 100% raw arabica coffee beans. Coffees include: Tanzania Mbeya, Guatemala Atitlan, Uganda Bukalasi, Costa Rica Tarrazu We hand-crafted this box to be the best. We combined four of our best coffees as well as our most intimate relationships to farms and the people who make the coffee that we drink possible. We feel it is worth it to buy a premium price for top quality product that has proven to transform communities and support families who live on the lowest end of the poverty line. *Single Origins Subject To Change Based On Harvest And Availability. Ethiopia Queen City Harrar(GP) Cupping Notes: Apricot, Chocolate Milk, Pineapple Elevation: 1800 Varietals: Ethiopian Heirloom Milling Process: Natural Drying Process: Raised beds Guatemala Atitlan Cupping Notes: Chocolate, Citrus, Floral Elevation: 1500 to 2100 meters Varietals: Arabica blend Milling Process: Wet Drying Process: Patio Harvest Start Month: January Harvest End Month: February Uganda Bukalasi Cupping Notes: Sugar Cane, Milk Chocolate, Lemon Zest Elevation: 1750-1860 meters Grades AA, A, AB, PB Milling Process:Fully Washed Costa Rica SHB Tarrazu La Pastora Cupping Notes: Dark Chocolate, Orange, Peach Elevation: 1220 to 1524 meters Varietals: Caturra, Catuai Milling Process: Fully Washed Drying Process: Mechanical Harvest Start Month: November

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      • Tanzania Mbeya : Mimba Estate, located in Mbozi, Mbeya in Southwest Tanzania, was established in 1995 by Joseph Meila, a Swiss immigrant who arrived in Tanzania almost a decade earlier. Joseph initially planted about 100 hectares of Bourbon with some Kent on the land and has, over the past three decades, expanded production to cover the full 160 hectares of the farm. Mr. Joseph employs over 150 men and women from the surrounding community to assist with processing of the coffee on the estate.
      • Guatemala Atitlán : These beans come to you from Café Juan Ana - an association of smallholding coffee farmers - located on Lake Atitlan. The association was formed in 1992 in order to provide San Lucas Tolimán farmers more direct access to the international market for high-quality, strictly-hard-bean Arabica coffee. By eliminating several layers of intermediaries, Café Juan Ana is able to pay participating families roughly twice the going rate for raw coffee.
      • Uganda Bukalasi : Brought to you by Endiro Growers, the Bukalasi beans come from the Bududa region in Uganda. Endiro Growers is working to support the Bukalasi village and has put back tens of thousands of dollars into the community. Their vision is to bring an end to child vulnerability around the world through coffee and the people who cultivate it. Enjoy a cup of coffee knowing you are doing some good around the world with every sip! Best roasted at a light to medium profile.
      • Costa Rica Tarrazu : CoopeTarrazu, established in 1970 has grown to become one of the major contributors to the economic development of Los Santos, a region of Tarrazu. The Coop helps its 2,600 plus members with technical assistance, low cost loans, and affordable fertilizers. They employ approximately 10,000 people either directly in coffee production or in supporting roles. The employees allow CoopeTarrazu to control the entire production process for their coffee from harvest through exporting