Unroasted Guatemala - Atitlán - San Lucas Tolimán

Unroasted Guatemala - Atitlán - San Lucas Tolimán


Cupping Notes: Chocolate, Citrus, Floral


Elevation: 1500 to 2100 meters


Varietals: Arabica blend


Milling Process: Wet


Drying Process: Patio


Harvest Start Month: January


Harvest End Month: February


This lot originates in San Lucas Tolimán, an indigenous Kaqchikel Maya community on the shore of Lake Atitlán, Guatemala.  San Lucas is home to Café Juan Ana, an association of smallholding coffee farmers.


Café Juan Ana was formed in 1992 in order to provide San Lucas farmers more direct access to the international market for high-quality strictly-hard-bean Arabica coffee. By eliminating several layers of intermediaries, Café Juan Ana is able to pay participating families roughly twice the going rate for raw coffee.  The association also provides several good-paying jobs in processing, storing, sorting, packing, and shipping coffee.


The member family farms of Café Juan Ana grow their coffee under shade canopies in plots that also produce bananas and avocados. The canopy protects the sensitive Arabica coffee plants by regulating sunlight exposure in the day and minimizing heat loss at night. The various plant species in the plot provide a micro-ecology that mimics the natural forest. The coffee plot also stocks carbon and makes a small, but meaningful contribution to reducing carbon dioxide load on our shared atmosphere.  Shade-grown Arabica cultivation also produces the best flavored coffee.


Picked by hand at optimal ripeness, the coffee is processed at Café Juan Ana’s own facilities. Here it is washed, quality sorted, de-pulped, fermented, dried in the sun and stored in humidity-controlled bodegas.  Wet processing followed by sun drying produces a rich, balanced, and distinctive flavor with chocolate, citrus, and floral notes. Coffee pulp and other organic by-products are mixed, composted, and returned to participating family farms.


Photo Credit: Brad Thalmann / Harle Photography LLC / @bradthalmann