Unroasted Tanzania PB Usongwe Cooperative (GP)
  • Unroasted Tanzania PB Usongwe Cooperative (GP)

    Cupping Notes: Caramel, Plum, Wine


    Elevation: 1600 Meters


    Varietals: Bourbon, Kents


    Milling Process: Fully Washed


    Drying Process: Patio and Solar


    Harvest Start Month: August


    Harvest End Month: October


    Usongwe Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Society (AMCOS) was registered with the Tanzanian cooperative act in 1993, but the group's originators go further back to when all coffee groups were organized under state-regulated unions. The groups name comes from the nearby Usongwe valley which is inhabited by smallholder farmers and tiny villages. To date, AMCOS has grown to represent 520 smallholder farmers from the county of  Iwindi in rural Mbeya.