Unroasted El Salvador SHG Santa Ana Ilamatepeq

Unroasted El Salvador SHG Santa Ana Ilamatepeq

Cupping Notes: Dark Chocolate, Orange, Raisin


Elevation: 1500


Varietals: Bourbon


Milling Process: Fully Washed


Drying Process: Patio and solar dried machine


Harvest Start Month: December


Harvest End Month: March


This coffee comes from the famed producers of Finca Malacara. Finca Malacara dates back to 1888 when the Alvarez family inherited the land and started planting coffee. The farm has since grown from it's original size, now producing more coffee outside of the Malacara name. Over 4 generations have been apart of the farm and counting. The farms are located near the Santa Ana Volcano in the Apaneca Lamatepec coffee region, which is recognized as the "Gold Coffee Belt" of El Salvador.

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