Unroasted Burundi A Sogestal Kirimiro


Cupping Notes: Floral, Green Apple, Lime


Elevation: 1932


Varietals: Bourbon


Milling Process: Fully Washed


Drying Process: Raised beds


Harvest Start Month: June


Harvest End Month: September


Though the Kirimiro region of Burundi produces a lot of specialty coffee, this lot comes specifically from producers with very new plantations. It’s processed at the TEKA washing station, which is well known in the area for its meticulous processing and Cup of Excellence coffees. The washing station produces about 950 tons of coffee each year and has storage capacity for 80 tons of parchment. Fermentation times for washed coffees vary between 12-18 hours, and drying takes about 8-10 days in raised drying tables in normal conditions.


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